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Is everyone moving to the CLOUD?

Our Answer

The answer is YES. More and more successful businesses are embracing the cloud .

How can we move to the CLOUD?

Our answer

Let us handle IT.  Our road map ensures a latest technological transformation through cutting edge solutions.

Is it affordable to move to the CLOUD?

Our Answer

It varies based on your infrastructure and end goals. We offer cost-based cloud solution for various budget needs.

What about my data? Are they secure?

Our Answer

No system is 100% safe, but cloud infrastructure almost reaches this goal. With some precautions in place, data is safe in the cloud.

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NetPillar is our strategic partner and have been working with us since 2017 to deliver a virtualized remote access platform as a managed service. This available service is built on Citrix desktop virtualization technology and caters to over 85 users. Business critical roles from multiple geographies rely on this secure platform to run our business and provide the users with a flexible workspace.
Dave Wallace
NetPillar has built a scalable and extendible SDP for us. It is the core of our business, offering cloud services to channel partners and direct customers. With Value Added Services adapters in SDP, we find that onboarding a new service is easier, faster and at a substantially low marginal cost, providing a better time-to-market. NetPillar SDP with proprietary technology gives us a competitive advantage over other companies who use COTS solutions. We are now more agile and offer more innovative services with this solution.
Rick Rogers
NetPillar has helped liberate our ability to work from wherever we are and whenever we need access to our complete files. And it's saved us substantial amounts of money in reducing I.T. costs.I can't imagine going back to maintaing my own servers...it's been a great business move for us.
Jeniffer Devis


Reasons why your business needs to move to the cloud

Reasons why your business needs to move to the cloud

The shift for businesses to use cloud computing hasn’t come straight away, but that is simply because many organizations haven’t yet been faced with a “server refresh”. Typically, a server refresh…
Is your email domain being spoofed?

Is your email domain being spoofed?

What is Email Spoofing? Email spoofing is the creation of email messages with a forged sender address for the purpose of fooling the recipient into providing money or sensitive information. Email…
Uppermost Events To Be Prepared For Cloud Security

Uppermost Events To Be Prepared For Cloud Security

Data Theft The biggest security concern moving forward is data breaches. Billion of records have been stolen through data breaches. Today, data theft is a full industry worth billions of dollars.…