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Future Proof Infrastructure

Highly secure, global, high-performance and cost-effective and constantly improving, Google cloud Platform has been built for the long run.

Serverless, Just Code​

Grow hassle free from prototype to production to planet-like scale, without any need to think about capacity, reliability or performance with Google Cloud Platform.

Seriously Powerful Data & Analytics

Tap into big data from Google Cloud Platform to find answers to your queries faster and to build better products.


We make things happen – The searce way

Be it the cloud or the technology solutions, in order to give you the best outcome we make sure that we follow the process developed by NetPillar after a lot of brainstorming and experiments. Our Google Certified Engineers have in-depth experience across Google’s Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Virtual Machines, Machine Learning, SQL and NoSQL databases, BigData , Object storage, and GCP’s leading Application services. You better get ready for more amazement as NetPillar not just looks for perfectionism but we blend technical expertise with business needs with a futuristic view. That’s what defines who we are.

We are fanatic when it comes to educating a client and suggesting best measures like Essential components a client should look in for Cloud Services Platform or other technology consulting.