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In a world where technology has a significant impact on daily life, many government agencies are struggling to maintain operations and keep pace with the growing expectations of tech-savvy end users. And while the demand for new services and greater flexibility may be huge, budgets are often limited.


Why NetPillar for local, state and federal government?

Cost Saving

In a time where market uncertainty is high, organisations seek to lower risk by saving costs and becoming more efficient.

Security and Asset protection

Security is an ongoing concern for all organisations, with information protection training, new threat protection from cloud services and protecting key data assets all priorities.

Compliance & governance

Upgrading systems to deal with data governance requirements and requests is leading the government to ensure they have the data portability and visibility to respond quickly to requests for access and to be forgotten.

Flexible and competitive contract term

A movement to utilize Small Medium Enterprise organisation and less so monolithic Contacts from Large Systems Integrators or Outsourcing partners.


Improving services to citizens by digital transformation by offering the right service, through the right channel to the right people whenever required.

Collaborative working

In line with the digital transformation strategy, government entities must ensure collaborative practices to place the citizen at the centre of digital services delivery.