Health and Life Science

Health and Life Science

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The healthcare industry is constantly changing, with new challenges and opportunities around every corner. The right technology is paramount for healthcare organizations to meet the needs of clients and patients. There is a growing trend in inter-professional service delivery modes that enable increased collaboration and information sharing between healthcare providers. NetPillar offer healthcare orgs with a comprehensive and customized Cloud IT infrastructure.

Why NetPillar for Healthcare & Life Science?


Increasing clinical and lab productivity


Healthcare systems must be secure by default, to ensure that we protect against cybercrime, security must be embedded as a priority to users and technical staff, to minimize the risk of a breach.

Intelligence and Insights

Business Intelligence as an enabler for a transformation of service lines – where are services needed most in a healthcare ecosystem. Using data to give a single view of the patient in multiple systems associated with Electronic Patient Records or Patient Administration Systems.

Cost Saving

Continued financial pressures are causing healthcare organisations to seek new business processes to save costs and become more efficient.