Real Estate

Real Estate

Your cloud technology partner

To stay competitive in the real estate industry, you must utilize technology to increase your exposure and productivity, as well as gain access to critical data. NetPillar understands Real Estate and Building Services’ critical moments and with the right solutions in place, we can help you prevent those disasters from happening, as well as reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies via the power of Cloud and achieve the competitive advantage you need to grow your company.

Why NetPillar for Real Estate & Building Services?

Cost Saving

NetPillar provides affordable, efficient solutions and real estate IT support to meet your technology needs and ultimately increase productivity. We maintain your network so you can focus on growing your business.


Leave the hassle of keeping up with constantly changing regulations and requirements behind. We’ll manage it all and continuously monitor and upgrade your systems to ensure it meets the most current rules and guidelines.

Data Loss Prevention

We dramatically reduce the risk of an unrecoverable catastrophic event. With our data loss prevention and security measures, we take data protection to the next level by implementing sophisticated encryption and data leakage products.

Data Accessibility and Analysis

Data should be made securely accessible to all employees who need it to improve services, from sales associates, to marketing there is much insight to be gained from examining existing data held by the Real Estate industry.