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Retail has evolved, grown and matured painfully and powerfully amidst a new kind of customer whose preference continues to shape digital transformation, this journey and story to which there is no end. NetPillar helps retailers transform, both externally and internally, to meet an ever-evolving kind of demand and build an unprecedented customer experience to ensure the journey for our customers continues on into the future.


Why NetPillar for retail?

Cost Saving

In a time where market uncertainty is high, organisations seek to lower risk by saving costs and becoming more efficient.

Technology Choice

Depending on role, retail employees may need to work on a phone, tablet, desktop or a mixture of the above. Retailers must have the infrastructure to enable employees to access files from anywhere.


Consumers want to interact with a brand through multiple channels and platforms. Retails need to keep up to maintain market share.


With many high profile breaches in the media and the rise of new data privacy regulation, security must be embedded as a priority to users and technical staff, to minimize the risk of a breach.

Data Accessibility and Analysis

Data should be made securely accessible to all employees who need it to improve services, from sales associates, to marketing there is much insight to be gained from examining existing data held by retailers.

Collaborative working

Working across multiple store locations, brands or employees is paramount to ensuring consistency of service. Collaboration tools are a priority for retailers.