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Penetration Testing

A penetration test is an authorized attempt to hack and gain access to an organization’s data assets. Its purpose is to identify vulnerabilities so that they are identified, and rectified before any potential cyber attack.

NetPillar’s penetration testing team are certificated testers which means they have demonstrated to required expertise to conduct vulnerability and penetration tests.

The benefits of penetration testing include:

● Achieve compliance for industry standards such as PCI DSS and others.
● Avoid potential high costs and reputation damage due to data breaches and data loss.
● Receive an independent comprehensive report with actionable recommendations.
● Gain confidence that your web app, mobile app, and networks are secure prior to launch.

NetPillar’s penetration testing services include:

● Web application penetration testing.
● Mobile application penetration testing.
● Network and Infrastructure penetration testing.
● Vulnerability scanning for web and networks.
● Internal penetration testing.
● External penetration testing.
● SCADA penetration testing.

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